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The Company


The activities of the company are focused on the sectors of environmental projects, the industry and building structures. TECHNOR ENGINEERING offers completed solutions regarding those sectors, by using technologies and products that are worldwide recognized, with active participation not only in the report phase but also in the designing phase, the fulfilment and activation of the projects. TECHNOR ENGINEERING uses products, for the needs of the fulfilment of the projects, that represents, intending to find the best technical-financial solution for the customer.

TECHNOR ENGINEERING represents products of top-class firms in the automation, computer science, communication, measurement organs and processing systems and water transferring sector. TECHNOR provides completed solutions into:

  • Sewage treatment plant with KUBOTA MBR technology (Membrane Bioreactor)
  • Pumps, stirrer, underwater diffusion
  • Organs and automation systems (PLC, SCADA)- telemetric systems and remote controlling
  • Water supply leakage control systems
  • Instruments of measuring water quality and quantity under EU Directive 60/2000

TECHNOR also provides services such as:

  • Design/Study of electromechanical installations, electrical panels, automation and remote-control systems
  • Dimensioning of pump assemblies, stirrers and ventilation
  • Software development
  • Integration of automation and IT systems
  • Commissioning of projects
  • Training in deliverable projects and systems
  • Integrated maintenance and technical support programs
  • Electromechanical installations
  • Project management
  • Dimensioning, selection and adjustment of instruments
  • Record and analysis of measurements, field measurements
  • Leak detection and detection of each type of pipe
  • Design, study and testing of radio coverage