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The Company


TECHNOR ENGINEERING was established from licentiate engineers in 1996 as a personal business and from 1997 as an LTD, using the company name Application automations LTD and the distinctive title TECHNOR ENGINEERING. TEHCNOR is a business in the continuation of a similar business started by the engineers themselves in 1990, always with the same cognitive subject.

Since then, not only by using current worldwide recognized technologies in the automation industry, but also by innovating the development of completed computing systems HMI, TECHNOR numbers among the most comprehensive and highly knowledgeable companies in the industry.

Today, TECHNOR ENGINEERING follows closely the rapid evolution of products and technologies focusing on the environmental sector, by developing the best solutions and by offering comprehensive support. Since 2004 TECHNOR has appended strategic alliances, as a deputation, with the best automation, ΙΤ, communication, measurement organs and process systems, water transfer companies in the world.

By having a modern association model, TECHNOR supports the solutions that suggest:

  • That TECHNOR has executives, with a longtime attendance and experience in the business and technological sector.
  • That TECHNOR has invested in the technical knowledge of its engineers.
  • That TECHNOR is accompanied by experienced and knowledgeable engineers, in the positions of technical supporters.
  • That TECHNOR collaborates with Greek tier suppliers, when it is needed in order to achieve the best technical-financial solution.
  • That TECHNOR has the technical knowledge to include an investment in a funding national or European programme.