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  • Donation to the Orphanage by TECHNOR Engineering
Donation to the Orphanage by TECHNOR Engineering

The Board of TECHNOR Engineering, in the framework of its social action, supported the children who are deprived of equal social opportunities and good living conditions and are hosted in the boarding house of the "Children's Home" Charity.

The Board of Directors of TECHNOR Engineering is donating money, instead of greeting cards for the new year, firmly believing that growth and entrepreneurship without a social meaning is not understood in today's difficult economic situation in the country. The money donated will help improve nutrition, health and environmental conditions and carry out activities that will benefit the normal social development of children.

The "Children's Home" Charity of Piraeus was founded in 1963 and has since hosted and raised over 600 children who have contributed and contribute to society. That is why the Board of TECHNOR Engineering has decided and strengthened its work during the holidays with the sole aim of protecting every child who lacks a normal family environment.